Looking forward to the perfect wedding...?

Here's a reality check - things can (and do) go wrong at weddings. This is the place to tell us about your story and give someone else a laugh. The blooper can be about anything associated with getting married - from the hens night, to the honeymoon.

We headed off to Tahiti a day after a perfect wedding. We were to spend one night on the main land before heading out bright and early to Bora Bora for the bulk of our trip. Unfortunately, after the long flight, and the warm tropical weather, we fell into bed at nearly midnight, forgetting to set the alarm. We woke up at 9.30, after the plane had left, and were beside ourselves until the hotel helped us rebook our flight for the afternoon. It ended up being a wonderful honeymoon, with everything (else) being even better than hoped.
L. Macintyre

As a celebrant the bride came to her part in the ceremony where she was supposed to say, "Take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity." Instead she pledged her love and fertility! Given it was a Catholic wedding and the bride was all embarrassed when she realise she had pledge fertility, my response to lighten the moment was to quip that, "You can keep that part for the honeymoon." The congregation joined in the laughter and it made for a fun moment. - P. Monaghan

I only found memories of my wedding which happened a bit over two years ago. However, I laugh at a moment that caused me a lot of embarrassment at the time... During my speech (which I wrote down), I wanted to say "I would like to thank you all for coming...". Thanks to nerves, I instead said "I wank you all for coming!" - Ashley



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