Bridal Party Attendants
There is no limit to the number of attendants that you may have in your bridal party but the general rule of thumb to keep it simple. The bride is attended by a matron or maid of honour, depending on her marital status, bridesmaids and flower girls. The groom’s attendants are the best man, groomsmen and the ring bearer.

Matron of Honour - Best Man - Bridesmaids - Groomsmen - Flower Girl - Ring Bearer - Ushers

Matron/Maid of Honour
Usually an easy choice for the bride as this would be a best friend, sister, or close family member. The matron/maid honour will be a legal witness and sign the marriage certificate as well as hold your flowers, adjust your veil or train when required during the ceremony.
She will also help you to get dressed on the day as well as organise the other bridesmaids’ attire. Traditionally, the matron/maid of honour will sit next to the groom on the bridal table at the reception.

Best Man
The best man will be a person close to the groom and will take on one of the most important roles at the wedding. He too will be a legal witness and sign the marriage certificate as well as handing the rings to the celebrant during the ceremony. The best man will also finalise any payments, if required, to the celebrant or minister. He will also propose a toast at the reception as well as respond to the toast for the bridesmaids and read any letters or telegrams sent to the bride and groom.

The Toast
Are you prepared for your big speech? Whatever you do don't leave it to the last minute. If you are not accustomed to speaking in public it can be a daunting task - but there is a world of help on the internet.

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Some essential tips.
- As popular you may be - not everyone will know who you are. Make sure you introduce yourself and mention your relationship with the bride and groom
- Don't speak too fast and keep a slow and steady pace. Pronounce your words clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear.
- Thank the parents of the bride and groom if they paid for the event. If the bride and groom are footing the bill themselves, thank them for inviting everyone to share their special day.
- Relate a story or use an inspirational quote.
- End with a message of hope and congratulateions

The bridesmaids will normally assist with the opening of both the engagement and wedding gifts and be responsible for recording the gifts next to the guest name for later acknowledgement by the bride and groom. If the bride chooses, the bridesmaids would organise a kitchen tea and also the bride’s hens party.
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Groomsmen would help the best man with the reading of the telegrams and letters at the reception. They would escort the bridesmaids during the day and participate in the bridal waltz with their designated partner.
They would assist the best man in any pre-wedding activities such as a bucks party if required and overseeing the collection and return of the men’s suits if hired.
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Flower Girl
Flower girls are junior versions of the bridesmaids and generally wear a dress of similar style and colour to the bride.
The flower girl usually carries a small basket or posy of flowers, although it has become more popular for her to carry a basket of rose petals and, preceding the bride, strew them along her path. The best age for flower girls is between five and ten years. Girls younger than five may be overwhelmed with a lot of guests and may get stage fright at the last minute. Flower girls can be seated at the main bridal table but it may be wise to seat them with their parents or people with whom they will feel comfortable.

Ring Bearer
The role of the ring bearer is to carry the rings into the ceremony, usually on a cushion with the rings gently attached.
The ring bearer can be either a young boy or girl, it depends on the bride and groom but the most popular choice is a boy to partner the flower girl. If so, the ring bearer would be attired in similar fashion to the men in the bridal party. Give thought to the age of your ring bearer, as like the flower girl, it may be overwhelming to a tiny tot.

An usher’s role is generally to hand out out any ‘order of service’ booklets at the church and to seat guests as they arrive at the church. Guests of the bride are seated to the left and the groom’s guests will be to the right. If the majority of guests are mutual friends of the bride and groom, they can be seated on either side. The immediate families will sit in the front pew with the mother of the groom being seated approximately five minutes prior to the processional.
The mother of the bride is seated just prior to the commencement of the processional and any late guests should not be seated until after the processional. Ushers would escort both mothers to their seats.



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