Hen's Night Ideas Buck’s Night Ideas
Dine out at a waterfront restaurant
Hire a private Karoke room in Chinatown
Spend a day at hot springs

Kingpin Bowling at Crown Casino - Melbourne Ph: (03) 9292 7003.
24 hour fully licensed bar, DJ music, disco lighting, pool tables, sports telecasts and individual waiter service at each of the full length bowling lanes

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Hen’s Party

As with the male buck’s party, the hen’s party is a ‘female only’ get together for the bride, her attendants and the guests who will be attending the wedding. It is advisable to have this party at least three weeks prior to the wedding.

The bridesmaids are in charge of inviting the guests and organising where the party will be held. Most popular choices are good restaurants with guests moving on to dance venues afterwards.

Ideas for the perfect Hen's Celebration
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- Start off at the nice restaurant. Make sure to research and book well in advance.

- Head to a bar with a nice lounge area. Sit back share some cocktails and laughs.

- Spend the night with a few close friends in a nice hotel. Watch some of the Bride's favourite videos, drink champagne, and girl it up. Don't forget to ask for a late checkout.

- The morning after. It's time for some pampering at a nearby day spa. Your hotel may also offer messages or other beauty treatments.

- Theatre restaurant. Great for large groups, get fed and be entertained. Hen may be called up on stage for a bit up fun.

- Take the hen to a night club or two and dance 'til dawn. Find out her favourite spots. Some places have special offers for hens parties so a few enquiries before hand will pay off.

- Wind down at a cafe. Grab a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. If possible have a 24 hour place in mind ahead of time so you won't be disappointed

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Surprise Dinner / Cocktail Party

- Arrange everyone in the party to contribute a plate of food and a bottle of wine / liquor. This avoids the pressure being on one person to prepare food.

- Ensure all guests have arrived well in advance of the hen.

- It's a good idea to have cocktail recipes handy, and don't forget to organise music.

- Have everyone relate a funny story involving the hen to the rest of the group. You may want to close the evening with video / dvd.

Buck’s Party

Usually quite a rowdy affair, the buck’s party should definitely be held a minimum two to three weeks prior to the wedding. Some grooms have emerged from the festivities of a buck’s night with multi coloured hair or shaved hair and eyebrows no matter how loudly they protest.

The buck’s party is an all male affair for the groom, his attendants and guests. Organised by the groomsmen, traditional entertainment has been known to include female strippers and the like. While this is less popular in this day and age, if you will be offended by any entertainment of this kind, you should let the groom know. Most grooms are subjected to this type of entertainment by their friends even though they request that these entertainers not be included in the party.

A lot of buck’s parties are being held at day time events such as the horse racing or other sporting events so as to avoid the after dark entertainment. This could be the alternative if the groom would like to move away from the traditional style of entertainment.

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