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Groom's Clothing

Most grooms and attendants opt to rent their wedding day suit from a formal wear hire store to ensure the same style and colour of suits. The groom’s suit should complement the bridal gown.

Traditionally, the groom wears a suit with a white shirt and either a bow tie or neck tie and a corsage in his jacket lapel. You will find that modern day grooms are choosing to wear colours that will blend in with the rest of the bridal party or the flowers, whether it be their shirt or tie or with an added vest. Browse through bridal magazines or visit some formal wear hire shops to get some ideas of what is available.

The colours for the bride’s attendants should be decided before you organise the colours for the male attendants. As with the bride, the groom should stand out from the rest of his attendants. The groom’s outfit can differ from his attendants through the use of a coloured vest, tie or shirt.

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Grooms Attendants Clothing
The groomsmen can complement the bridesmaids by wearing a cummerbund or shirt in the same colour as the bridesmaids gowns. This has a great effect for photographs and when they are in line for official duties. You may choose to have their accessories of similar colour to the groom, but remember that the groom needs to stand out from
his attendants.

As with the bride’s attendants, the groomsmen are responsible for the cost of their suit hire and for any other accessories. The groom and his attendants need to go shopping together to tailors or suit hire shops to ensure that everyone is happy with the selection. Arrange to have regular fittings and a final fitting no later than a week before the wedding.

The groom and his attendants normally all wear the same colour shoes, traditionally black, but not necessarily of the same style. If possible, take the shoes along to the first fitting to see if different shoe styles are suitable.

Ring Bearer's Clothing
As a partner to the flower girl, the ring bearer should also wear attire to complement her dress. Traditionally, a suit in the same style and colour as the other male attendants will be suitable. All costs for the ring bearers’ attire would normally be met by his parents.
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