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Ideas for Engagement Celebrations

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Spend a day at hot springs

Announcing Your Engagement

The first people to be informed of your engagement should be your parents. It should be done by the bride and groom together but depending on the circumstances, you may wish to speak to them on your own first. This will enable them to discuss any issues they may have with you alone and have time to adapt to your news.

After you have informed your parents and immediate families, you can let other friends and family know either personally or by making a formal announcement via the daily newspaper. Check the newspapers for ideas on how to word your announcement or contact the paper for detailed examples of wording.

The Engagement Party

An engagement party can be a formal cocktail party style or an informal weekend luncheon at home. Invitations should be sent for both types. Normally, your parents would give the party but it can be hosted by yourselves if you choose. The party should be held after the formal announcement has been made.

As your guests will bring gifts to the party, it might be wise to leave a gift list with your mother or chief bridesmaid for any guests that might like to get a gift that will be needed by the bride and groom. All gifts should be acknowledged by the bride and groom after the party with a thank you note. An easy way to keep track of who gave what gift is to write the gift on the back of the accompanying card when unwrapping.

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Choosing an Engagement Ring

Traditionally, the groom selects a ring to give to the bride when he proposes marriage, as sign of his love and commitment. However, more increasingly, brides are selecting their own rings as they usually have a particular style or stone in mind.

Consider also whether you would like your wedding ring and eternity ring (usually given to the bride by the groom after the first year of marriage) to combine with the engagement ring.

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